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What makes ShowGo better than other exhibit management software solutions?

ShowGo is a hybrid – software based with the connectivity of the internet. This means you get the benefit of a robust, feature-rich program while being able to get the data from anywhere. No other Exhibit Management Software can match this.

Why is software better than an online-only product for exhibit management?

Any robust product on your computer is software-based; Outlook, Word, QuickBooks, Adobe, etc.. The internet is good for checking email or transferring money at the bank. Exhibit Management Software needs to be robust – ShowGo is robust. The other products are web-based. Working on a web page for 8 hours a day can be frustrating and unproductive. With web products, every time you click… the page goes away… the data goes over the internet… and the page comes back. With ShowGo, the Exihibit Management Software is installed on your computer and therefore is lightning quick = more productive.

What kind of support is offered with ShowGo?

Seattle Software Corporation offers full support for ShowGo: Training, Tech Support, and Upgrades. You can reach tech support from 7AM – 7PM, 7 days/week. We can afford to offer unlimited training and tech-support because ShowGo is so easy to use. We offer an online training movie to get you started and there is an extensive Help section built right into our Exhibit Management Software.

What type of companies purchase ShowGo?

As you can see from our extensive Client List, that industries include everything from health care and biotech to military and aviation. If they have a marketing and trade show division, ShowGo will be the right fit, no matter the company type or industry.

How many trade shows can I manage with ShowGo?

Whether you're managing one trade show or 1000, ShowGo's powerful platform can handle the task.

Is anything pre-programmed with ShowGo?

ShowGo is pre-programmed with a lot of information to make using the Exhibit Management Software very efficient. All major cities in the US, airports, airlines, convention centers, labor/general contractors, freight companies, tasks, budget/expense items and ROO equations are all pre-programmed. ShowGo has more data pre-programmed than any other Exhibit Management Software product.

My company has several divisions, each division exhibits at its own set of trade shows. How does ShowGo handle this?

ShowGo is set up to handle multiple divisions, companies, or customers. This way budgets get assigned and allocated to the correct trade shows. You can split expenses between multiple business units to accurately account for individual business unit's costs.

What is the best way to evaluate ShowGo?

Contact Seattle Software Corporation to get an online demo. You'll be able to see the software in action. Call, send an email, or just fill out a request form.

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