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5 more ways to save time using ShowGo's Trade Show Management Software

Welcome again to Seattle Software Corporation's article on 'How to save time managing your Trade Shows using ShowGo'. This week we'll examine 5 more ways our trade show software provides for users to save time as they manage their events.

More Trade show management software time saving features.

6. One Database –

One of the greatest time saving benefits of a single database is that it joins all your event information such as inventory, tasks, schedules and client database into one common database that automatically flows to the appropriate locations throughout the software.

Your event data works together for easy retrieval and productivity. It can increase communication and collaboration with shared knowledge and instant status updates of your schedule. Duplicate records are either greatly reduced or completely eliminated. For IT staff and those charged with maintaining data integrity, this advancement means updating only one database vs. updating multiple databases individually.

7. Smart Date Technology

Smart Date Technology saves you time by saving you clicks throughout your event. This means when you enter your default dates ShowGo will look at those key dates, Event Start and End Dates to derive its dates throughout the event. Think about how many times you enter these default dates during the course of an event. ShowGo saves you from re-entering the same dates over and over.

8. Custom Reports –

In ShowGo's full-featured reporting module you're given many different filters for how you would like to display your data within a report. With the 'Save Custom Reports' feature, you can save your filter settings in a flash without having to reset your filters a second time. All you have to do is select your event, click 'View Report' and you'll receive accurate and meaningful data.

9. Sort, Filter and Group your data –

ShowGo gives you the tools to sort, group and filter and saving you time and classifying your data. If you're in one of the lists views in ShowGo, you can sort your data into the order you want to view it, you can filter so you can see only the information you want to see and you can group your data allowing you to control how the data is displayed. Imagine if you had to manually perform these tasks.

ShowGo also gives you the power to customize your filters and drill down to the data you're looking for within seconds. Data in a range of cells can be sorted alphabetically, by date, or it can be filtered to view only the entries that meet established criteria.

10. Currency Converter –

Do you participate in international trade shows? Then ShowGo's Currency Converter is a must. ShowGo's Currency Converter calculates daily rates based on the currencies you want to select. You can convert multiple currencies to the converter as well. When ready, just copy the converted value into the invoice and you're done. Simple as that.

Over the course of the next few months, we'll dig deeper into each of these features. But if you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Seattle Software Corporation Support team for help.

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