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Seattle Software Corporation offers a Hosted Solution for ShowGo, Trade Show Management Software

Seattle - March 2, 2010 - Seattle Software Corporation, creators of ShowGo, trade show management software, announces they now offer a hosted data solution for its ShowGo Users. The hosted solution enables corporate exhibit managers and their colleagues to instantly access all their vital trade show management data from any internet connection.

Seattle Software Corporation integrates flawless trade show management software with 24/7 data accessibility

ShowGo, award winning trade show management software, offers a comprehensive list of seamlessly integrated features allowing exhibit coordinators and exhibit houses to reach their management objectives and requirements. Now Seattle software makes it even easier by allowing instant access anytime/ anywhere users have internet connectivity. They can stay productive and collaborate with their team and vendors whether in-office or remote.

This cost effective approach to hosting ShowGo's trade show data no longer requires the assistance of the IT. Set-up and maintenance are fast and reliable allowing the user to immediately benefit from the software.

ShowGo's Web-Hosted Solution Key Features:

  • Accessible Anywhere - Exhibit Coordinators can now access their data anytime, anywhere there is an internet connection. Whether working at the office, from home or at a trade show, they can rely on the data to be available whenever they need it.
  • Ease of Use - No need to involve your IT dept during Installation. Let Seattle Software be your IT team. Get up and running immediately with no red tape. Database upgrades, backups, support and maintenance are performed by our experienced and dedicated team.
  • Fast installation/integration - Results are more immediate, and hassle-free.
  • Immediate Upgrades - Since client's IT team is not involved, our team can deploy upgrades quicker allowing the hosted client to immediately take advantage of the latest upgrades.
  • Reduced costs– Since there is no server cost and maintenance on the client's network the cost of Seattle Software's data hosting is much lower than having the client store the data. Also, with economies of scale, our support team can manage and maintain client's connection and data at a lower cost than their internal IT department. Lower costs equals better value.
  • Security- Your database is protected, backed up and secure. Only designated people within your organization with the correct credentials can view and/or edit the information.
  • Support and Maintenance - Our hosted clients leave the database administration to Seattle Software which eliminates the burden from their IT department. We tend to respond quicker than corporate IT departments and address any issues with ease since our support team has full product knowledge. Regular maintenance: Back-ups, Updates, Upgrades & Maintenance 24/7 Access Disaster/Data Recovery, Security, Continually Monitored Collaborative Problem Resolution Guaranteed Uptimes

"Hosting our ShowGo data has been great and set up was effortless," said Denise Cyr, Aesculap. " The Seattle Software Techs walked us through the steps and we didn't even have to involve our IT dept. ShowGo's data hosting is the right fit for us."

President Shane G Eckel, "ShowGo's hybrid technology offers clients the best of both worlds. Robust and feature-rich desktop software integrated with the accessibility of web-based software makes for an incredibly powerful product. No other trade show management software product can match that. It's the next generation in trade show management software and a better user experience."

About Seattle Software Corporation

Founded in 2000, Seattle Software Corporation provides comprehensive and cost effective trade show management software products to the trade show and event industry. ShowGo, Seattle Software Corporation's premiere product, is the single point of collaboration for multiple users to manage all logistics surrounding industry trade shows.

For more information including pricing or to request an online demo of ShowGo visit: Contact: Shane Eckel: (206) 286-7677 ext. 5

ShowGo is a registered trademark of the Seattle Software Corporation.

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